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Dogs spend the majority of time in our general playgroups supervised by staff. Staff work directly with the dogs to make sure they are socializing and playing appropriately. Oftentimes, dogs are rotated in and out of different groups to allow play with dogs of similar energy and temperament. We do give breaks from the larger groups if we feel it benefits the dogs to have some down-time. Keeping the dogs engaged with staff is very beneficial for a structured play group so we also work on group enrichment such as performing basic commands.

Our facility does not have individual runs, all of our daycare and boarding pups are in the yards and playrooms together throughout the day and we are not able to facilitate a separate space for your dog. If your dog is not dog friendly or has a bite history we unfortunately cannot accommodate them in our facility.

Although many dogs thrive in the daycare environment and it can be an incredibly helpful tool, daycare isn’t a good fit for every dog and it is important to consider your pet’s individual needs before enrolling them. While most dogs are highly social as puppies, some dogs lose interest or become more selective as they mature and no longer enjoy spending time in large groups. Some dogs, particularly working breeds, crave more structured stimulation and struggle in the daycare setting because there isn’t a “job” for them to do. Your dog might not be a good fit if they have a high prey drive or herding instinct. Dogs that tend to blossom in our facility enjoy the company of other dogs, are confident in large groups, and aren’t fearful of new animals or people. Your pup’s trial day is an opportunity for us to assess some of these factors and it is important to keep in mind that even if your dog does not display any of these behaviors at home that does not necessarily mean that they won’t at LULU.

Our Lee location does not have overnight staff but we do have 24 hour video monitoring in all of our boarding areas as well as our playrooms and yards and we do check on your pet periodically through that system. If you think your dog would do better with overnight supervision our Pittsfield location offers apartment style free range boarding to select dogs that they have assessed and deemed appropriate for that setting.

We love to give tours when we have staff available to do so but unfortunately we cannot let customers into areas where we have groups of dogs. It is a liability for us to have anyone untrained in our protocols and procedures interact with dogs on our premises. If you are curious about what your dog gets up to during the day we are happy to take videos or photos for an additional $5 to show you how much fun they are having with their friends. We also regularly post on our “Love Us And Leave Us Lee” Facebook page so be sure to check it out to see if your pet gets posted!

We pride ourselves at LULU on our fun yet calm environment and part of what makes that atmosphere possible is dogs arriving during our drop off window (between 7am and 11am on weekdays and 9am and 11am on Saturdays). For dogs the most exciting part of the day is often catching up with all of their friends when they come in in the morning. When your pup arrives after 11am all of the other dogs have already greeted each other and are no longer interested in welcoming more dogs into the group. This means that your dog might be left out or could end up bothering other dogs which means no one is having much fun. And if your dog is a party pupper they might come into a group that our attendants have painstakingly calmed down and stir everybody up for another round of greetings which can exhaust other dogs and make groups difficult to manage. We do not accept daycare dogs after 11am and we do not accept boarding dogs after 12pm. No exceptions.

Holidays and school vacations are our busiest times of the year and boarding for those periods book up about two to three weeks in advance. If you need to board your pet it is best to make their reservation as soon as possible. For daycare we tend to be fairly flexible and often are able to make reservations as late as the evening before your pet needs daycare– but there is no guarantee, especially around holidays and vacations. Our groomer is in very high demand and typically is booking out two to three weeks in advance so be sure to make a grooming appointment before your pet is in desperate condition.

We do not offer any extended stay rates but we are happy to accommodate extended boarding needs and do our best to make your pet as comfortable as possible while they are away from home for longer periods of time.

Our deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable meaning we cannot give that payment back to you in any form (including store credit) and we are not able to apply deposits to future stays. This is due to the high demand of our boarding suites. We require a $50 deposit for grooming reservations as well which are also non-refundable and non-transferable to ensure that in the case of a cancellation our groomer still earns a fair commission.

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