Wanda Daly Izzo


The best place for doggie playtime! They welcome each and every human and pup with open arms. I couldn't think of a better place for my guy to go and have some quality time with his "kind". The perfect place for overnighters and vacations. Truly LOVE LULU!

Amanda Sayers


We have been using love us and leave us for several years now and there are no words to describe the amazing team Renee has put together. Just by saying one of their names Taz will go crazy looking for them. They are a reliable, caring and trustworthy team that I would recommend anyone with a dog must use!

Earl Persip III —


Tank can't get enough of Love Us And Leave Us. He jumps around the back seat 2 miles before we even get there. They take great care of my Tank every day he is there!!

Jess Fitzgerald


We love LULU and the safe, fun, and well supervised space and excellent care they provide for our pup for both daycare and overnight visits. Our dog is always so excited when we arrive at Love Us and Leave us and he gets tons of exercise and socialization with other dogs that we can't always provide! Keep up the great work and thank you!

Michele Butler


LULU is a lifesaver for us and for Jackson! We couldn't be happier to have found this place for our giant baby

Sylvia Smith —


My puppy loves LULU so I leave her there.


As an owner of a 4 month old Labrador

I'm thrilled to find a place where my pup can stay where she is happy and loved.



Gail Cerruti —


Renee runs a five star operation there and takes personal interest in each and every pet! She treats them as her own and I can't say enough about how much love she gave my two German Shorthairs, both walking off leash on adventures and at the facility. Don't wait, take your pet NOW!!!

Carol L. Stimmel


Knew I'd found a great place for my beloved pups when we walked in and there was a tenor of what I can only call enthusiastic calm. When I pick up my dogs, they don't show any signs of stress and are obviously very comfortable here. What a relief for me to know my dogs are safe and happy when they're not with me.